A Preview Of Some RCAC Symposium Sessions!

Here are some of the sessions that we are offering at our 2013 Symposium!

You Got Your F2F In My LMS

Do your e-Learning students feel more like they are taking a correspondence course than a class with a live teacher?  How can we engage and retain our e-Learning students, and make them feel more like they are part of a real class?  The LiveScribe pen and LiveScribe Desktop software will allow you to explain key concepts and discuss curriculum expectations visually and orally just as you would in a face-to-face classroom.  This interactive session will take you from the creation stages of developing a Pencast, to embedding your lesson directly into your LMS.  LiveScribe converts and skeptical rookies are welcome.

Chromebooks in the Classroom

The Waterloo Region District School Board has purchased a number of Google Chromebooks to investigate classroom potential with this type of device as part of the ongoing work to determine the best type of technologies to support student learning. In this session, we will share our initial learnings regarding: getting started, device management, pros/cons, best potential, support and current classroom experiences.  Participants will also have a hands on experience using the Chromebooks.

Parent / Teacher Communication Made Easy

A Class website is a great way to communicate with parents.  Add a blog to that website and now you have an archived, organized, and fully customizable tool that will grow with your needs.  Learn how to lock down a blog so it acts like a message board that can be as interactive as you like.  The blog can be edited online or updated by email.  The class newsletter could be a thing of the past.  Use your blog message board as a short daily update so parents and students know what is going on!  To round out your communication Twitter and the benefit of an online calendar will be discussed too!  Other communication tools will be reviewed too!

Digital Human Library

The Digital Human Library (dHL) is a free web-based library of members and organizations from local and global communities who have agreed to share their expertise, knowledge, skills and experiences while videoconferencing with teachers and students in their classrooms. Field trips and guest speakers are expensive, and in many cases the distances are far too great for students to travel.  See how videoconferencing is making virtual events  a classroom reality.

A Conversation with Gary Stager

Continue the conversation with Gary where he will defend or clarify the content of his keynote The Best Educational Ideas in the World: Adventures on the Frontiers of Learning.  Gary will be happy to answer any questions the audience wishes to throw at him!

Going Paperless

It was promised decades ago that technology and computers would make us a paperless society but in reality we have more paper waste than ever before. Students, want to use tablets and only our tablet in our classes. We do not own paper, pens, books or printers. In this session, learn how you too can go digital and become completely paperless. Come prepared to ask questions on the struggles you have to go paperless.

Literature Circles 2.0

As part of a Teacher Lead Learning Project we took the traditional approach to Literature Circles and deconstructed them to reflect the current technologies and available Web 2.0 tools.  We created a blended learning approach to Literature Circles that students found more engaging and resulted in more authentic novel discussions with an increase in student achievement.  We will share how we re-structured the approach to traditional Literature Circles, the various platforms and OSAPAC software we used to deliver them and the outcome of our project.

Blend It Like Beckham

Blended learning combines the best of both worlds: face-to-face and electronic learning.  Learn how teachers across Ontario have been using the content and tools of provincial learning management system (LMS) to engage their primary, junior, intermediate, and senior-level students.  Peek at the elementary content packages available to boards, and learn how blended learning can bridge gaps and help boost kids’ achievement.

OSAPAC Updates

Find out about new software licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education and learn how it can be used to enhance teaching and learning. This session will include a demonstration of a variety of new software features, sample projects as well as ideas on how the software can support struggling readers and writers.